Anonymous NFL Insiders ‘Skeptical’ If Joe Burrow Can Ever Become True Dual-Threat Quarterback

The Cincinnati Bengals believe they have found their franchise quarterback in Joe Burrow, but it appears some NFL officials around the league are still questioning his ability to be a successful mobile QB.

ESPN’s James Furman reported Tuesday on This Just In:

“There is still some skepticism that exists among some team officials around the league that I’ve spoken to about his ability to get it done as a scrambler. Can he be that juke-juke-spin guy you need in the open field? Those questions are not going away until he proves otherwise, but the Bengals believe he is on the right track.”

Burrow may have back-to-back seasons with over 4,000 passing yards under his belt, but the rushing numbers leave a lot to be desired from fans (and fantasy players) around the country. Burrow only rushed for 118 yards and two scores before 2022, when he bumped the numbers up to 257 yards and 5 scores. It’s still far away from the Lamar Jackson and Justin Fields’s of the league, and even pales in comparison to Dak Prescott’s rushing numbers.

After Philadelphia’s Jalen Hurts advanced farther in the 2022-23 playoffs than Burrow did, the skepticism is only natural that Burrow can continue to provide the Bengals enough offense to make it to the next level. The league’s dual threat QBs are here to dominate, and everyone knows Burrow simply doesn’t qwhite look like them or have the rushing prowess.

We’ll see what upgrades the Bengals will make to their offense. Rumors from OTAs are coming in that Burrow has been working with a running coach to improve his hip movement and knee drive when scrambling in the open field to mimic Trey Lance and Anthony Richardson’s leg movements for a more fluid juke move.

At press time, Burrow had torn both of his ACLs and MCLs trying a lethal spin-stutter step-fake slide combo while completely unguarded.

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