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Braxton’s Corner: I Am Behind The ‘Fantasy Receipts’ Account

hey every one it is me braxton i am a righter for the fantasy gazett ei am 13 year old and it is time to come clean,: IM BEHIND THE FANTASY RECEIPTS ACCOUNT! IT WASME THE WHOLE TIME. Thats’ write, you heard me correct. it was me and only me, a 13 year old. this is my confesion: back in

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Braxton’s Corner: Five Reasons Why Rashaad Penny Is My Number One Overall Pick In 2022

FANTAGY GAZETTE EXCLUSIVE: welcome back to braxton corner it’s me braxton im 13 years’ old. Lets’ get straight to it! Seattle seahawks running back Rashad Penny should be the number one overall pick in fantasy football in 2022. Yes am serious. Here why: Number 1: Rashaad Penny was a first round pick in 2018. FIRST ROUND. Do you know how

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