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Racist Man At Super Bowl Party Just Hopes Woke ‘End Racism’ Slogan Won’t Get Too Much Air Time

Macon, GA – Local NFL boycotter Darren King was talking to friends at a Super Bowl party Sunday when he said he just hopes the FOX broadcast won’t show the “woke” end zone slogans too often, eyewitnesses said. “Eagles, Chiefs, whoever wins, I just pray to God those woke ‘End Racism’ end zone slogans aren’t on TV all day,” King

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BREAKING: Bengals Claim Arrowhead Scoreboard Was Rigged To Show Chiefs With Higher Final Score

KANSAS CITY, MO – The Cincinnati Bengals released a statement calling on the NFL to review the scoreboard at Arrowhead Stadium for showing Kansas City with a higher final score at the end of the AFC Championship Game. The team believes the NFL corroborated with the scoreboard technician. “Clearly, we believe that the orange section labelled Cincinnati should have the

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Opinion: After Tonight, Joe Burrow Is Either The Next Tom Brady Or Should Quit The NFL Forever Because He’s Ass

Los Angeles, LA – Jackson Johnson, an up-and-coming sportswriter, podcast host, and social media personality, announced that following the end of Super Bowl 56 tonight, Bengals QB Joe Burrow is either the next Tom Brady, or should quit forever for being so ass at the sport of football, sources confirmed. “Yeah, it’s pretty simple.” Johnson said. “Either Burrow is a

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