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Inclusion Win! ESPN Announces “Fantasy Football For Her” App

BRISTOL, CT – Slay queen! ESPN has announced beginning this fall a brand new fantasy football app for women: ESPN Fantasy For Her. Announced on International Women’s Day, the massive company believes this is a giant win moving forward for a new target demographic. “We’ve heard for years that the fantasy football space has been dominated by men,” said Nate

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Fundraiser To Get Skip Bayless Fired Raises Nine Billion Dollars

Fox Sports Commentator Skip Bayless made headlines Monday night when he advocated for the continuation of the pivotal Bills v Bengals clash after safety Damar Hamlin collapsed to the field. This opinion was posted on Twitter, the best place to put personal opinions on public matters if your IQ is a single digit. The professional screamer was immediately met with

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HEARTWARMING: GoFundMe To Get Small, Shitty Publication ‘Fantasy Gazette’ Verified Raises 13 Cents

It’s a story that would make even the Grinch smile. A GoFundMe campaign was created to help a grassroots fantasy football news site raise the funds necessary to get verified on Twitter. Starting November 11th, 2022, Twitter’s “Twitter Blue” premium offering would grant users themuch sought-after blue checkmark, verifying the account possessing it. Twitter Blue also allowsusers to edit tweets,

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Colts Hire Undefeated Fantasy Football Player As New General Manager

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – The Colts aren’t done making moves yet. Owner Jim Irsay welcomed former center Jeff Saturday as interim head coach earlier this week, and today announced the next General Manager: Brian Hartford, a local 9-0 fantasy football player. “His record speaks for itself,” Irsay began in his press conference, one firm hand on Brian’s shoulder. “I mean, 9-0?

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Elon Musk: “Fantasy Analysts With Incorrect Takes Will Have Their Checkmarks Taken Away”

MUSK HQ – In a shocking development amidst his acquisition of Twitter, CEO Elon Musk announced yet another new feature regarding Twitter’s verification badges – no more bad fantasy football takes. “I’m all about accountability, and we must hold no one more accountable than fantasy football analysts,” said Musk. “I took a look at the industry and what people want,

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BetterHelp To Begin Offering Therapy For Fantasy Football Related Trauma

BetterHelp, an online therapy portal, announced Tuesday a new version of their services directed at a specific audience: therapy for fantasy football players. Fantasy Football Related Trauma (FFRT) affects millions of Americans per year, and BetterHelp is taking initiative to fix it. “We can keep offering therapy for mental health conditions, sure,” said CEO Alon Matas. “But we’re not getting

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