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Braxton’s Corner: I Am Behind The ‘Fantasy Receipts’ Account

hey every one it is me braxton i am a righter for the fantasy gazett ei am 13 year old and it is time to come clean,: IM BEHIND THE FANTASY RECEIPTS ACCOUNT! IT WASME THE WHOLE TIME. Thats’ write, you heard me correct. it was me and only me, a 13 year old. this is my confesion: back in

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Savvy Dynasty Player Drops All His Best Players So They Never Lose Value

Lansing, MI – Local dynasty aficionado Harry Frasier has been playing fantasy football for over 15 years, and is what many call a “savant” in dynasty philosophy. Frasier says the key to his sustained success is dropping his best players from his roster completely, just in case they face a significant value drop from injury, a trade to a bad

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