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Zuckerberg Admits Facebook Crash Due To Urban Meyer Accidentally Messaging ‘Hot Single Moms In His Area’

AP – Whoops. According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Jags HC Urban Meyer accidentally sent private messages to over 34 women claiming to be a “hot single mom in his area.” The viruses contracted due to Urban’s “honest mistake” (his words) shut down the social networking app for the duration of the day. Meyer promised to be more careful, apologized

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BREAKING: Kaepernick Working Out At Tight End For Jags. Meyer Wants Camp Competition.

Jacksonville, FL – Sources to Fantasy Gazette confirmed Thursday Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer has brought in Colin Kaepernick to compete with Tim Tebow for the starting Tight End position. “We love Timmy and what he has to offer…but we think adding Colin can really bring out the best in him. Kind of a, uh, light side vs dark side

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Woah: 49ers Now Offering All Their Dogecoin For Aaron Rodgers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – After reports from Adam Schefter and more that reigning NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers is “disgruntled” in Green Bay, the San Francisco 49ers have reportedly upped their trade offer for the star quarterback. The team’s current trade offer is now every single cent of Dogecoin the 49ers own – straight up for Rodgers. “We already offered our

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