Braxton’s Corner: Scott Fish Bowl Is Dumb Anyway I didn t Even Want to Get Invited

Hey guys, Braxton here for another Braxton’s corner or whatever. I didnt get invited to scott fish Bowl 11 but i dont even care anyway ok?. Its a dum tournament and i didnt even wanna be in it. They probably didtn’ want the Brax Man in bcuz I’m 13 but like I said I dont care.

I literaly submitted my application as a JOKE so whatever. if u got one ur dumb for getting one. its dumb.

I know its for charity and stuf and that cool but i should have totally been in it. Big freaking deal i could donate to a charity right now but you dont see me making some big thing out of it. i’ve been a analyst for weeks here at the Gazette and i’m the best one we have. I did a article about how lamar JACKson is a running back and i listen to the fantasy footballers once a week so im probly smarter than you r.

Scott Fish and all of u guys must think ur SO COOL. guess what??? ur not.

everyone keeps saying to me that im mad. oooh you got me yah im mad i didnt get to be in it.

Im just going to start my own turnament. Call it the Brax Man Bowl. I get to be in the Lil Uzi Vert division (he’s my fav artist he just gets me) but whatever,, i’ll try agian next year but AGAIN — AS A JOKE. i have 2 girlfriends anyway why would i want to be in a stupid dumb fish tournament everyone else got to play in….

All the COOL kids are joining the Brax Man Bowl this year and listening to Lil Uzi Vert. u guys are totally missing out i wood have won the whole thing but its a dumb fish tournament and i dont care so just leave me alone.

oh wow super cool fish dude whatyever I didnt even wanna be in it

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