Alvin Kamara Removes “When The Saints Go Marching In” From His Favorite Spotify Playlist

NEW ORLEANS, LA – These days, you can never be too sure if a pro athlete’s subliminal messaging means he’s on the outs. Kyler Murray unfollowing the Cardinals preceded a lengthy letter about his contract. Today, Saints RB Alvin Kamara removed the song “When The Saints Go Marching In” from his Spotify playlist titled “Alvin’s Fav Songs.”

Uh oh.

The Saints standout has played at an All-Pro level for the club for 5 years, but now that he’s taken the Louis Armstrong classic off his Spotify, we have to take into consideration he might be leaving New Orleans, either by requesting a trade or holding out.

Even more alarming, Kamara deleted the Andy Mineo version of the song from a different playlist: “Super Cool Christian Hip-Hop/Rap I Like.” He also took the film “Boondock Saints” off of the My List section on his Netflix and gave a thumbs down rating to “The Princess And the Frog” on Disney+. Look away, Saints fans. We hate to break this news to you, but Kamara using these tactics basically means….he gone.

*Edit: As of 1:24pm today Alvin Kamara added Shania Twain’s entire “Come On Over” album to his #1 Spotify playlist. We’re not entirely sure what this means…but we’re investigating.

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