New Conspiracy Theory Claims Damar Hamlin Has Been Replaced By Avril Lavigne

BUFFALO, NY – A shocking new conspiracy theory has taken the internet by storm. Bills safety Damar Hamlin, who infamously suffered cardiac arrest on Monday Night Football earlier this year, was shown heavily covered up in a box suite during the Bills’ playoff clash with Cincinnati. Conspiracy theorists immediately and confidently took to their phones to point out that Hamlin was clearly replaced with pop punk superstar Avril Lavigne.

“That’s definitely Avril,” said Twitter user @YZR_Fantasy. “I know the punk icon behind ‘sk8r boi’ when I see her.”

“He’s wearing a heavy coat, so you can’t know for sure if Hamlin’s signature locks and black skin have been replaced with long blonde hair and eyeliner,” said reddit user poo_tang_clan.

The theory made its way up the Fox News chain as Tucker Carlson hosted a brand new segment on his show called “What The Hell? More Like “Who The Hell” is the real Damar Hamlin?” While not universally accepted as truth, one can’t help but admit both sides have a good point here. We’ve rarely – if ever – seen Hamlin and Lavigne in the same room as each other.

At press time, Hamlin announced he was going to Europe for a few weeks with Machine Gun Kelly and Blink-182, but reassured Bills fans not to worry about that and that he’s planning on being fully ready for training camp this summer.

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