Tom Brady’s Son Receives Firm Goodnight Handshake Following Bucs’ Shutout Loss

Tampa, FL – Following a bizarre and embarrassing outing for the Buccaneers in a 0-9 shutout loss at the hands of the Saints, sources confirmed Tom Brady only gave his son a firm, cold goodnight handshake following the defeat.

“Obviously not what I was expecting after brushing my teeth and having all my homework finished before Christmas break,” Jack Brady said. “I think father was just emotional after the loss, he didn’t even touch his avocado toast with almond butter and coconut water.”

Rather than give his son his traditional goodnight kiss, the 7-time Super Bowl champion simply gave Jack a quick handshake, Urban Meyer style. Brady then picked up his son’s iPad and spiked it against the dining room table for resembling the Microsoft Surface tablet he did the same thing to during Sunday Night Football.

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