CONTROVERSY: 49ers Wide Receiver Coach Heard Shouting “Let’s Go Brandon!” At Practice

Turns out San Francisco’s Wide Receiver coach is an absolute f*cking racist asshole right-winger Joe-Rogan-supporting piece of shit. One of Fantasy Gazette’s unpaid interns (posing as an actual paid intern) visited San Francisco’s practice and overheard the coach yell “Let’s go Brandon” while the wideouts worked on running routes. Truly sickening.

Apparently, one of the team’s top young receivers (our intern didn’t know his name) made a remarkable catch over the middle that prompted the coach to once again shout the offensive phrase “Let’s Go Brandon!” The saying is code for degenerate Americans to say “F*ck Joe Biden,” which is clearly what was going on. Looks like someone doesn’t know how to separate sports and politics. Even weirder, the coach was wearing a mask. Pick a side, pal!

When our unpaid intern stalked the coach to his car after practice, he was surprised to see a mid-range Honda Sedan instead of a diesel Dodge Ram 3500 Extended Cab with optional fog lights and rear mounted gun rack. Probably just a cover-up for his disgusting political views.

Later that day, we called the coach in question to ask if he was racist and mad at vaccine mandates but he declined to comment.

*Editor’s Note: if this is your first time here, welcome. Fantasy Gazette is a satirical NFL and fantasy football site. None of the above events actually happened. Hope you got a good laugh. If not, try another article.


  • Wow this is horrible journalism and completely appalling. The wide receivers name is Brandon Aiyuk.
    Maybe he was yelling “let’s go Brandon” because that’s his name. And now the coach is a racist piece of shit as you call him without knowing what he really meant. Did you personally ask the coach what he meant before stereotyping him? Did it make you feel good to be racist and once again stereotypical about people who don’t support your political views with the whole “degenerate Americans” and Dodge Ram comments. It truly shows what is wrong with the world and you look just as disgusting as the people you complain about.
    Complete hypocrisy on all levels, it’s really ashame that something this immature and disgusting could even be allowed to be out there. It’s very sad and reflects a lot about the fantasy gazette. I will never read anything from your site again and I voted for Biden so you can’t use that as an excuse for my opinion. I am simply addressing facts on the article written, which was once again one of the most disgusting, hateful, things I’ve read in a while.

  • I got such a good laugh with this. Nearly spit my coffee out right now! Thank you!

  • The first sentence is the dumbest I’ve ever read. Really hard take this publication serious anymore.

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