Savvy Dynasty Player Drops All His Best Players So They Never Lose Value

Lansing, MI – Local dynasty aficionado Harry Frasier has been playing fantasy football for over 15 years, and is what many call a “savant” in dynasty philosophy. Frasier says the key to his sustained success is dropping his best players from his roster completely, just in case they face a significant value drop from injury, a trade to a bad team, or killing a pedestrian while driving over 150mph while intoxicated.

“Dynasty is all about the long game,” Frasier began before snobbishly sipping a chai latte and scouring offseason headlines from NBC SportsEdge. “Regular fantasy football players just play for the season. In dynasty, you have to understand that one day your precious 23-year-old budding superstar will be 50 and can’t move his knees without someone thinking a nearby child is pouring up a fresh bowl of delicious Rice Krispies.”

For those unfamiliar, dynasty fantasy football differs from traditional “redraft” in that team managers keep their players through the offseason. Injuries, natural aging, and Allen Robinson-ing can quickly alter a player’s value, rendering them useless on a dynasty roster and worth next to nothing on the trade block. Frasier says he combats this by dropping any player that has a career year, so that he never worries about them becoming roster cloggers.

“Some players recommend selling players when they reach peak value. But what if you trade for someone who also might break their leg the next year? Any number of options can ruin the people you have coming in. I realized the safest and best thing for my roster is straight-up drop any player who has an amazing year.”

Critics pointed out Frasier’s team is entirely comprised of players under the age of 24 and he has no championships. Frasier wanted us to tell any nay-sayers to his method that he successfully dropped Le’Veon Bell in 2017, DeVante Parker when Ryan Fitzpatrick left, and Michael Thomas in 2020.

At press time, Frasier dropped Chargers RB Austin Ekeler from his team, despite Ekeler’s monster 2021 season and Frasier’s devastating semifinal loss. “Might look bad on paper now, but some loser’s going to waste all his FAAB on him tomorrow right as Ekeler hits the age-27 cliff. Morons.”

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