10 Tips For Managing Emotions When Your Spouse Is Gone For The NFL Season

It’s a common occurrence for modern Americans: loved ones on deployment from September to February during the NFL season. Spouses of NFL fans are stuck at home, watching the time pass and trying to make the most of their spouse’s deployment to the couch.

Here are 10 tips you can use to manage your negative emotions while your spouse is away for the entirety of the NFL season.

1. Remember They Still Love You

This can be easy to forget, but write mirror notes that your spouse is still thinking of you while monitoring Jags vs Titans on Thursday Nights.

2. Stay Active

Your physical activity can boost your mental health. Try grabbing your spouse another Mike’s Hard Lemonade or pizza slice from Casey’s.

3. Check Your Bank Account

Cool! Your spouse just crushed an Underdog parlay, increasing your family’s net worth by $30.00!

4. Remember What They’re Fighting For

There are bigger things at stake than quality time, like sweet sweet fantasy football playoff appearances.

5. Reach Out To Others

You aren’t alone. With hundreds of thousands of fans also gone, reach out to a neighbor or friend whose spouse is also in their man cave for 6 months.

6. Find Things To Look Forward To

The 49ers’ Week 9 bye could provide a free afternoon snack time your spouse is available for.

7. Don’t Hide Your Feelings

It’s normal to feel sad, lonely, or angry while your spouse is away. Try not to let those negative vibes get near the CBS broadcast of Chiefs @ Raiders, however.

8. Reach out to Fantasy Gazette

Our interns and staff are on standby if any relatively young, beautiful, active spouses in our area are lonely.

9. Keep Communication Open

Most fantasy players are allowed to text during the time period between the 1:00 and 4:30 Sunday games, as well as halftime of Sunday Night Football! Maybe spice up a FaceTime with some adult fun like looking at pictures of DK Metcalf or AJ Dillon together! 😉

10. Pray For Them

If you’re the religious type, a quick request for fantasy championships to Jesus himself could bring your spouse home with medals (or trophies) and happiness!

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